Matej ┼Żnidar

Matej Znidar

Web Developer

Name:Matej Znidar
Date of birth:March 23, 1987
Address:Trubarjeva 28, 3000 Celje, Slovenia
I'm Matej and welcome to my spot on the internet, however as of yet I haven't found anything interesting to put on it, just some of my skills and projects. In a few short words: I'm a web developer based in Slovenia with many skills in and outside of the "web". I have 10+ years of experience in development on all sorts of platforms and I'm available to work with you.

The above visual representation of my skills is just a portion of my knowledge. One cannot simply write/display all the knowledge he has gathered in all of his life till present. For example: recently I switched jobs and I'm now working with digital printing presses and software that I have never seen/used before, but hey! I'm learning and in fact I already learned enough but still not enough to put this awesome knowledge in the top table.

In my whole life I've messed with so many different things from web design, print design, photography, web development, all kinds of CMS systems, customizing all sorts of web contents from third party providers to developing my own web development platform. I've written up millions and millions lines of code and even messed with stuff like electronic circuits, custom web/mobile/desktop applications and now I'm working with digital printing presses and RIP software, I look forward to learning new things in the future!

What Am I Doing

2011 - present

"BASE" - My custom CMS and development platform

Web Development

Over the last 3 years with help of my friends I developed an extremly powerfull, flexible base for all of our web projects (websites, forums, web stores, web applications, intranet applications) and because we use this as a base for almost all of our projects we named it "BASE". The entire system was built on top of the popular and powerfull php framework called CodeIgniter, but after we were done with our code there was not much of CodeIgniter left.

2010 - 2014

Games and Fun

Me and Minecraft

A few years ago I discovered a popular game called Minecraft and shortly after I became somewhat addicted to it, but the fun of just playing the games did not last long because I soon discovered the capability I have with Bukkit, Spigot and Bungee and coding up my own plugins to further enrich my gaming experience.

So, for almost 4 years I've been developing plugins for Minecraft, all my plugins where first used on my private server that I shared with a few friends and later on my first public server called GigaCraft. Unfortunately I had to close down GigaCraft due to personal reasons and also greatly reduce the time I spend for gaming - but hey it was FUN while it lasted!

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